How to create animated textures

by mrsomebody1

  1. Create a text file in the same folder as the texture you want to animate, and give it the same name as the texture (including the .png extension) and add ".mcmeta" as an extension.
  2. Add this in a text editor, with indentation if you want: {"animation":{}}
  3. If you wish to change the speed of the animation, use the "frametime" argument (eg {"animation":{"frametime":3}}). The bigger the number, the slower the animation.
  4. If you want the texture to transition smoothly between frames use the "interpolate" argument (eg {"animation":{"frametime":3,"interpolate":true}}).
  5. For the texture itself, put the frames in a column from top to bottom. For example an animation with 2 frames at the default 16x16 resolution would be 16x32 with the first frame above the second frame.
  6. Save your work, then apply the resourcepack (or press F3+T if it's already in use) to see your work!