How to change locked game settings in Minecraft

by jsrobson10 and mrsomebody1

Installation of NBTExplorer

This tutorial uses a program called NBTExplorer. This program allows you to edit Minecraft saves.

Windows Installation (MSI)

Note: You will need administrator priveliges on your computer to use the MSI installer. If you do not have them download the ZIP file (above) and then click here.

When you open the MSI it should give you a setup window.

Click next.

Click 'I accept the terms and conditions', then proceed.

Proceed again, by clicking next.

Now, click Install. If a popup asking whether you want to allow a program to make changes to your computer appears, click "Yes".

Now that the program has finished installing, there will be a 'Finish' button. However, remember to check the 'Launch NBTExplorer' button if you wish to open it immedietly after the installation.

How to use NBTExplorer

ZIP (Windows/Linux) Installation

For the ZIP method of installation you do not need administrator priveliges and it also opens up the possibility to run it portabaly.

You will need to click the ZIP file it gives you, then got to the Extract tab, then click 'Extract All'.

Select you destination to extract to, then check 'Show extracted files when complete', followed by clicking 'Extract'.

This will open up a new folder. Next, double-click 'NBTExplorer.exe' or 'NBTExplorer' and a window should appear.

How to use NBTExplorer

Mac Installation

Just download & open the file.

Using NBTExplorer to change game files

You should easily be able to find your world at the opening screen if it is in the default location. If your world is in a custom location click 'File' then 'Open' in the left lop side of the screen. Find your world and click the '+' symbol near the world name. Next do the same to 'level.dat', then 'data' and find the setting you want to change.

Double click on the variable and change the text in the popup dialog. (If the value is a 1 or a 0 then this is probably a boolean (True or False) varible, which means changing it to a value that is not 1 or 0 may break your save.) When you're done press Control-S (Linux/Windows), Command-S (Mac) or the floppy disk save icon to save your changes.

Above: the NBTExplorer save icon