Chat commands

/tellme Chat commands:

Options in bold are mandatory; the command will not work if you do not use them.

Usage DescriptionExtra information
/add usernameInvite a user to this conversation/add user123 will send a message to the user with the username "user123" telling them they have been invited to the conversation. They can click a link on this message to join.
/clear Deletes all chat messages
/edit ID new message ...Edit one of your messages.Use "/edit last new message" (e.g. /edit last I just edited my last message!) to replace the last editable message you sent, or "/edit (message number minus 1) new message..." (e.g. /edit 1 I just edited my second message!)
/help Get help on using chat commands
/html text ...A message which supports ths use of HTML/html <p style='color:red'>red text</p> will result in

red text.

/kick usernameRemoves a user from the conversation
/ban usernameBans a user from the conversation
/unban usernameUnbans a user from the conversation
/leave Removes you from the conversation
/me statement ...Write a statement about yourself in third person/me is awesome!!!

mrsomebody1 is awesome!!!

/usage commandInformation on how to use a command/usage rank will return

Usage: /rank user rank

/rank username rankChange a user's rankAvailable ranks are User (0), Member (1) and Admin (2). They are not case sensitive. See more information on chat ranks
/title title ...Change the conversation title/title best chat evaaaa will change the chat title to "best chat evaaaa". If you have an empty title (/title) it will be a list of participants (eg "mrsomebody1, user123 and itisdefinitelyme").
/tellme text ...Send a message to yourself