Signature Smileyface Productions is a small group of coders and gamers... Well at the moment a VERY small group, founded by and consisting of adolescents mrsomedody1 and Josua (aka CrazyCrafter642) who create free apps and games. We like to play Minecraft and know several programming languages including Python, HTML, PHP and Scratch.

On the 5th of May 2017 Josua set up a server using his Raspberry Pi and the web hosting software Apache 2. See more of our history in our newsfeed.

This website is a work in progress so some things may not work correctly. If you encounter an error or bug while on our site try visiting it later or if the problem persists you can email us at

Below: The Raspberry Pi that this website is hosted from. All the webpages are stored on the USB drive.

[Admin] mrsomebody1
's Special Thanks

I don't know what I would do without the documentation on W3Schools, the millions of helpful programmers on Stack Overflow or a simple Google search to find all of the above. I'm so glad they did all that hard work so I don't have to.

Also I have a bibiliography here.